Mark Kleanthous


One of the most experienced triathletes in the world, Mark Kleanthous has decided to help others enjoy Powerbreather as much as him – and get the same results he does. Mark is a full time performance coach for IRONMATE and his Powerbreather workouts are designed to take your swim session to the next level.

Training Session 5

Use the Powerbreather for the entire swim workout, short warm up as the main set is a steady long distance swim.

Warm up

1 x 150m rest 1 minute.

Main Set

Cover 1000m to 2000m @ all day swim pace, imagine you were starting to swim the English Channel. Rest 1 minute if you need to hydrate or need a rest.
Long distance swimming with minimal breaks will improve your swimming economy providing you focus on a high elbow.

Cool down

Cool down by completing 50m easy swim cool down

Training notes

Count your strokes for 1 length at the end of every 100m focusing on a high elbow recovery. Your elbow needs to be higher than your hands.
Make sure your take the same number of strokes throughout this long distance swim workout.

Did you know?

It is common for swimmers to take more strokes in the later part of a long distance swim. You can learn to prevent this happening by using a Powerbreather
This swim workout using the Powerbreather will help you be more efficient during the latter part of your longer workouts and you will notice the benefits during your competitions.
Repeat this swim workout without using the Powerbreather & realise how many extra swim strokes you can take.

Mistakes to avoid

Avoid starting too fast maintain same pace throughout this swim workout using your Powerbreather.

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