AMEO POWERBREATHERBreathe in the water as freely as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool for swimming, triathlon and diving. No matter how long and intensively you swim: It always supplies you with optimum oxygen without water infiltrating – in contrast to conventional snorkels.

It perfectly adjusts to your head shape, fits comfortably and reliably. That’s due to its patented technology and its excellent design.


The POWERBREATHER offers functionality made to measure. Due to its modular system the tool can be adjusted exactly to the environment and personal training requirements. Consequently it is possible for high performance swimmers and triathletes to intensify training step by step. Through variation of the membrane and caps built into the SPEED VENTS, resistance and air volume during breathing in can be changed. They can thus specifically strengthen the respiratory muscles or set an additional training incentive by a thus created lack of oxygen. We use special membranes for the SPEED VENTS. You will quickly get used to the initial slight breathing resistance caused by the membranes. Specifically for open water swimmers the POWERBREATHER offers variable tube extensions and special diffusers to be well equipped for different wind and wave conditions.

    The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the POWERBREATHER unique. Contrary to a conventional snorkel you breathe in and out via two completely separate channels. Thereby only fresh, oxygen-rich air gets into your lungs. At the same time the innovative ventilation technology prevents water getting in. The Result: With a Powerbreather you can now breathe air in when swimming, as naturally as when breathing on land.

    Membrane allowing air in but keeping water out. Choose from 2 lengths (standard, long) and 3 levels of resisance (easy, medium, power).
    Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort.
    Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head
    D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside).

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Who is it for?

    As a high performance swimmer, the POWERBREATHER creates new opportunities to improve endurance strength, lung function and technique. With the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM it consistently supplies you with fresh air with a high oxygen content – no matter how long and intensive you train. As you no longer have to breathe to right and left, you can fully focus on the perfect propulsion. Think only of the essentials – for a more regular rhythm, more dynamic and better performance.

    The special model for high performance swimmers has been developed for faster flip turns in the pool, among others. It additionally allows you to swim with different breathing resistances. You can thus set new training incentives in the field of oxygen management and endurance performance. For greater variety in preparation and new best times in competition!

    The best model for high performance swimmers:

    As a triathlete, the same advantages hold true as for high performance swimmers: Use the POWERBREATHER for comfortable technique training and thus increase your performance level as well as your efficiency. For with the POWERBREATHER you may “forget” breathing and fully concentrate only on your propulsion and your position in the water. Thus possible malpositions can be corrected more easily and effectively.

    The POWERBREATHER is perfectly suited for the “long-term method”, particularly popular in triathlon training: You can consequently pull through an uninterrupted, long exposure in one training unit – even if swimming previously has not been your great passion. Due to the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM the POWERBREATHER enables many triathletes for the first time to specifically train endurance swimming which also has a positive effect on their efficiency in the other disciplines, cycling and running. For training and competition.

    By the way, triathletes benefit particularly from the unique POWERBREATHER modular system: You will soon have ventilation systems with various membrane intensity available. With that assistance you can increase your breathing resistance and additionally improve your endurance performance with a specific training of your lung musculature. Thus you can adjust your POWERBREATHER exactly to different training aims.

    The best model for triathletes:

    Health and balance are your aims: You want to swim to do something good for your body. That’s exactly what the POWERBREATHER has been developed for. For its revolutionary concept makes it easy for you to get in freestyle swimming. If you already master the main features, it helps you to further improve your style. The POWERBREATHER decreases the complexity of movement because breathing can simply be blended out. Consequently you can take off much faster, have a quick sense of achievement and with a consistent endurance training with the POWERBREATHER enjoy the positive health effects of swimming. In addition the patented technology of the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM enables you a consistent exposure in a fitness-orientated pulse repetition frequency. After a few swimming units you will quickly get used to the initial slight breathing resistance caused by the membranes. In addition, it helps training your respiratory muscles, which will have a positive impact on your endurance performance. The POWERBREATHER heightens the pleasure of moving in the water and increases subjective well-being.

    The best model for fitness and balance sport:

    With your sport you immerge in a completely new world and leave everything loud and familiar behind you. Thanks to the POWERBREATHER you can now make this experience much more comfortable: It not only fits perfectly on the head but also remains completely tight several metres under water. Thus you can glide deep down again and again without having to disgorge infiltrated water after coming up to the surface. The innovative POWERBREATHER technology enables you to immediately breathe in deeply.

    No matter how far and fast your flippers carry you – with the POWERBREATHER you always get fresh breathing air. As you breathe in via the two D tubes but breathe out the expended air via the lower mouthpiece, there is no longer any performance-reducing oscillation breathing. The ventilation system protects you from splash water infiltrating, the ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure hold at any pace.

    The best model for an easy-going experience in open water:

    Even if you just begin with swimming, the POWERBREATHER is right for you. For it helps you the experience a marvellously safe feeling in the water. You experience how the wet element naturally carries you. The POWERBREATHER always provides you with oxygen-rich air. The innovative ventilation system ascertains that water cannot infiltrate. Breathe steadily and evenly and engage in the new sport totally relaxed!

    The ideal model for beginners:

    Swimming is considered particularly gentle for joints and ligaments, at the same time it is excellently suitable to build up muscles and condition. That’s why it is ideal for all who suffered from constraint movement for some time, for instance due to an injury or other reasons, as for instance a slipped disk. Freestyle swimming is considered absolutely the most healthy style. But it is often not recommended by doctors because only a few patients master it. The POWERBREATHER changes that because it reduces the complexity of the motion sequence while at the same time continuously supplying the swimmer with fresh air.

    Freestyle swimming gets easier with the POWERBREATHER, less strenuous and even gentler. You no longer have to turn your head sideways for breathing. Thus you are lying in the water much smoother and more relaxed. You can keep your neck permanently straight. The danger of hyperextending the spine disappears. All that can be extremely valuable particularly at the beginning of physiotherapeutic and rehabilitating procedures.

    The best models for health-conscious people:

Endorsed by

Jan Frodeno, triathlete, Olympic Champion, World and European Champion
Thomas Lurz, open water swimmer, 12-times World Champion
Christian Redl, successful freediver
Steffen Deibler, swimmer, world record holder
Paul Biedermann, swimmer, World Champion, world record holder

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