Use in Pools

Using the POWERBEATHER in pools

Some swimming pools do not allow the use of snorkels. Experienced national qualified swim coach Mark Kleanthous has written a letter you can use to present to your local pool to help address this problem.

Download the letter as a PDF

Level 1 2 & 3 coach, British Triathlon coach level 1 & 2. Open Water Swim Coach


My name is Mark Kleanthous (55) & I have been swimming in pools and open water for more than 30 years & using leisure centres since 1988. I am a qualified swimming coach.

I use my Powerbreather regularly during swimming sessions to improve my swimming technique.
Sometimes I have been allowed to use it at leisure centres and sometimes I have been told that I cannot use it. I would like to address this problem for some users and pool authorities, to help more swimmers to be able to benefit from this device, and remove some of the health and safety concerns that are raised from time to time.

Please see below some facts about the Powerbreather.

It is not a snorkel as such; it is a training device and has one way valves, so I cannot swallow water like a traditional snorkel. It fits securely, allowing me to focus on my swim technique and swim in a straight line without any visual restrictions.

I have witnessed many swimming clubs that now use a snorkel as part of their swimming workouts, but the Powerbreather is a far superior, and safer piece of swimming equipment than a snorkel.

More information can be found here


The Powerbreather is much safer than swimming equipment used by club swimmers in the lanes next to me, who use snorkels.

I understand that certain types of masks can lead to breathing difficulties if not fitted correctly, but this is not possible when using the Powerbreather, which eliminates these risks.

I am more aware of other swimmers and life guards when using the Powerbreather & it can quickly be removed without any trouble, if I need to communicate with another pool user or lifeguard.

I would be happy to show or demonstrate how the Powerbreather works.

I understand that I can use it when I am the only one in my lane or by consent of other swimmers in my lane. Please confirm I can use it with others when swimming in your pool during lane swimming.

Why I use a Powerbreather:
• I am more visible when using a Powerbreather compared to not using this essential item of swimming equipment.
• I am very unlikely to swallow water when using a Powerbreather especially during club sessions when the pool is busy & more wavy compared to normal front crawl swimming.
• I can improve my fitness and my swimming technique by doing so.

I am prepared to sign a waiver in the unlikely event that anything happens to me. I understand that I can use it when I am the only one in my lane or get the consent of other swimmers in my lane.

Please confirm I can continue to use the Powerbreather in your pool.