Alina Warren and her Powerbreather

Rehabilitation, Neck Injury, Asthma and Weight Loss

Swimming and health experts are telling us how the Powerbreather helps them swim more easily and overcome neck injury, shoulder injury, asthma, and even weight loss. Here are just three recent examples:

UK Open water distance swimmer

Alina Warren – The first person to swim Great Glen (117km) and a member of TeamSelkie said she is “Still working on equalising my stroke and relieving pressure on my sore shoulder…thanks to @PowerbreatherUK for helping a girl out! Check them out guys…I’m a sucker for training and this one actually works really well”.

US Neurologist

George Diaz MD“I would like to thank you for your invention. Your Powerbreather snorkel has saved my life. I am or was an overweight out of shape 56 year old neurologist with neck pain and have been using the Powerbreather for swimming. I have been able to ramp up to half a mile and one mile per day and I feel much better. The Powerbreather works perfectly. I have lost weight and I have even stopped using my asthma medication which I have been on for years. All the best George Diaz MD

UK Physiotherapist

Sandie Moore – A physiotherapist at Lionheart Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic said “I use this to avoid hurting my neck whilst doing front crawl and it is brilliant” and later she wrote “Many people cannot do crawl because of their necks”.

If you know someone who you think could benefit from using Powerbreather please send them a link to this page.


  1. Joseph William Roebuck

    Best way to buy a power breather?

    • admin

      On this website!

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