Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition

Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition

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For all applications including choppy open water

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The AMEO POWERBREATHER Wave Edition is for triathletes and anyone who wants to swim in both the pool and the quiet or moving free water. Also for lower swimming positions.

The Powerbreather is an innovation for swimmers of all performance levels, triathletes and snorkelers; ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training in one.

With the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM, the swimmer breathes for the first time only fresh air, no pendulum breathing
Innovative valve technology protects against water entering, no irritating blowing out liquids from the snorkel.

100% Moneyback guarantee

Buy any POWERBREATHER and try it for 6 weeks – if you are not happy then return it for a full refund!

Endorsed by

  • JAN FRODENO – IRONMAN World and European Champion 2015 – regularly trains successfully with the AMEO POWERBREATHER since the end of 2014
  • THOMAS LURZ – Open water swimmer, twelve time World Champion, second in the Olympic Games 2012
  • STEFFEN DEIBLER – Competitive swimmer, world record holder 50m butterfly stroke


  • AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM – Innovative 2-way separation system – for always fresh, oxygen-rich breathing air and free D-Tubes.
  • SPEED VENT EASY – For relaxed, natural breathing while swimming or active snorkeling-diving.
  • EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION – Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort.
  • TWIST LOCK SYSTEM – Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head.
  • D-TUBES – D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside).

Kit Contents:

2x SPEEDVENT EASY S (Standard)
2x SPEEDVENT EASY L (Extended version for open water / WAVE Edition only)
2x FLIP CAP (for flip turn or open water / WAVE & LAP Edition only)

AMEO POWERBREATHER PB01 (incl. SPEEDVENT S) Weight: 220 gramm (7,8 oz.) / Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm

9 reviews for Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition

  1. Jackie Eccleston

    Prior to using the ”Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition I had never used a snorkel. My son had a forward facing one for swim club training and I always thought they looked awkward.
    From the start i found it easy to put on and adjust and after a little familiarisation in a basin of water I headed off to the pool. The exhale is unusual as there is no resistance, the inhale takes effort initially but it soon becomes second nature. I had no issues with movement, could work on my technique more and do far more kick sets owing to my head never having to lift !
    My times improved over all distances. Full stroke straight after use was always quicker ( could this be from better oxygen saturation owing to breathing clean air ? ) I never tumble turned with it on though there are cap ends supplied to make it simple. I made use of the long ends when I took it outdoors and the wind picked up. It really is a marvellous piece of kit for use inside or out, easy to fit, comfortable to use and a definate aid to training.

  2. Jane Hansom

    as a triathlete, i love a good swim toy and was looking forward to using this.
    it’s a super multipurpose tool which will make you a better swimmer
    it’s useful to …
    1. to work on technique. no need to turn to breathe means you can focus on form
    2. slight resistance means a very slight hypoxic effect giving lungs a good aerobic workout
    3. tumble turn with ease – no water gets in
    4. even breathe to side if you need to to – still no water gets in
    5. the added bonus – use it on holiday to snorkel. I followed 2 eagle ray’s for 2k and never got out of breath once. i must have swum 2k.
    If you like swimming, invest in this. it’s fabulous.

  3. Gavin Prior

    A fantastic piece of kit! Adjustment/fit is easy and feels comfortable once in place – though does feel strange initially if you are used to a single snorkel.
    It took me a little while to get used to the mouthpiece as I thought it was a little small but all was fine after the first couple of sessions along with the slightly tougher breathing due to the one way valve system which becomes much easier as you use the power breather regularly and improve.
    Great for technique work in the pool to really help you get on with working on what you need to rather than worrying about the next breath – and improve your endurance at the same time. It does a great job at both.

  4. penny sellers

    I am a keen swimmer having been a part of swimming clubs since the age of 6.
    Drills to improve stroke have been enhanced using with the power breather. It’s great to have the ability to concentrate purely on arms without being inhibited by having to breathe bilaterally.
    It’s a wonderful sensation swimming a full lap/swimset without having to worry about breathing- a great addition to the swimset and drills.
    I can see how this would help new beginners in the pool especially – even those trying to master tumble-turns

  5. Sandie

    I use this to avoid hurting my neck whilst doing front crawl and it is brilliant. I had a problem with it taking in water today and I phoned Ian at the company. He was very knowledgeable about the product and was immediately able to sort out my problem – sand in valve – use your hose to flush it out through the blue thing with holes the other side of the mouthpiece and through the mouthpiece itself. Worked a treat. Glad I bought this from Ameo as I would not have gotten such service elsewhere.

  6. Steffan Evans (verified owner)

    i have only received the power breather today having discovered it last weekend. Prior to illness I was an open water/distance swimmer now I use a small home pool with fast lane unit (endless pool) The pool is 14′ long hence more turbulence caused by the flow of the water hitting the back of the pool and causing an eddy on either side of my swim position causing lumpy water akin to sea swimming. Although I have learned to adjust to this, bilateral breathing can easily disrupt my body position and move me out of the swim flow especially when tiring, breaking continuity of the swim and training session. I tried the breather within minutes of receiving it (not one for pussy footing around) and I can only endorse all of the above comments, a truly amazing bit of kit that not only removes the need for the traditional crawl and breast stroke breathing but in the endless pool environment allows a far more comfortable swimming experience. I will review again as I become more experienced and be using it at my local flat open water lagoon at the weekend which is a 125m long and will review accordingly,

  7. Eldyk307lela

    Amazing brrathing device..i manage to concentrate on my work out..easy to use providing you with awesome and easy to breath..brilliant payent ..excellent quality…used it in open sea too with no issues

  8. maxdavewill

    I was brought the wave edition for my birthday last October. I had sustained a neck injury during my nursing career which had prevented me from swimming any more than 2 lengths at a time. Now i can swim 64 lengths in 1 hour. I absolutely love it and when in Australia i used it on a number of occasions in the sea, turtle watching, snorkeling arround shipwrecks and coral reefs.

  9. Robin M

    I have to say this is a game changer.
    I swim 7 times a week.

    1 big problem I was getting before this snorkel was my teeth were getting sore from the constant chlorine.

    I looked at several brands and ideas and this was the one that stood out to me.

    The best way to describe it is like a divers mask when you breathe through it.
    Anyone that has done diving will know exactly what I mean.

    The easy vents it has come with has made me work my lungs harder.
    I can see my self being able to hold my breathe longer and swim over a full length of the pool now.

    I would also add my teeth never get pain whilst using this all the time.

    My shortest swims are 1250m.
    However my average is between 2500m and 5000m a day.
    Now that I am on holiday I have even been using it for 10,000m distances.
    I train for endurance and this is making a big difference.

    I would recommend getting the long vent even for the pool. Does not hurt to have the extra length.

    It is well built with plenty of adjustment.

    I have also used this in lochs for wild swims and it works great.

    I know it might seem a lot of money when you see other brands but if you get this you won’t regret it.
    It puts the vents at the side instead of infront which really helps the field of vision.

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