Fitness training session at Malvern College

A recent fitness training session at Malvern College with Malvern Active lifeguards (hence wearing clothes to swim), swim teachers and visiting athletes presented an interesting challenge for these first time users of the Powerbreather. Everyone clearly enjoyed the experience and will now encourage students and athletes alike to try the demo units available from reception.

The benefits of the Powerbreather snorkel are mainly fresh air, no CO2, no water ingress, relaxed breathing technique, and building up strength, for speed and long distance swimming. But of course the Powerbreather is also ideally suited for practising tumble turns, which everyone tried before jumping in to tow large training floats rescue each other from various “drowning” situations, reassuring for parents and spectators.

It was also our first test using a GoPro with a dome port allowing a new angle for underwater photography! We now forward to our next demo at Malvern, and other venues too when invited, and we will then get into and under the water with the swimmers to try and get some really good videos.

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