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This is a collection of media reviews from various coaches, publications and athletes.

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Phlex Swim is all about bringing innovative Tech to the Pool. Comprised of University of Florida Student Athletes, an Olympian, and a Swim Coach, they have been creating a fantastic mix of entertaining and technique focused videos – as well as covering some innovative products – like the POWERBREATHER! In this episode, we are talking […]

Mark Kleanthous of IronMate Coaching is one of Britain’s top swimming and triathlon coaches as well as being an extreme endurance athlete and a recognised advance performance coach. He has completed 490+ Triathlons, 38+ Ironman finishes, 2 double Ironmans, 1 triple Ironman, 75+ marathons and is a Marathon des Sables finisher. Mark has covered more […]

Daniel Empfield has been involved in triathlon and multisport for a long time. First as a competitor in the late 70s and early 80s (including the first Ironman in 1981). He designed the first triathlon specific wetsuit. He also designed the first triathlon and time trial bikes. He still swims, bikes, runs and races today […]

Coach Morg takes the POWERBREATHER down to the Blue Lagoon to test in open water. He has already tested in the pool. One of the major uses highlighted by Coach Morg is how during front crawl training the POWERBREATHER can help develop and tune stroke without getting distracted by breathing. He also highlights how you […]

The team over at Triathlete Europe have been testing out the POWERBREATHER and have written up their report. They look at it from the point of view of a coach as well as that of an athlete. Both conclude that adding a POWERBREATHER to your training regime is a great idea and they are extremely […]