Albania Overboard

The appeal of open waters and outdoor swimming is growing fast. Check out this amazing opportunity now: – The challenge and bonding with friends can also raise funds for charity, and is an experience not to be missed, but repeated time and time again.

On 31st August 2019 enthusiasts for the cause will again gather to swim, party, and raise funds for children and the environment in the a warm azure blue waters of the Ionian sea (some as you can see with Powerbreather snorkels to help them enjoy it even more) by pacing themselves across a 3km sea channel from Albania to Corfu, supported by a flotilla of small boats.

Organised by Albania Overboard and the Kerkyra Foundation, which was set up in 2014 by Nick Lemis and Nick Cookson, the swim is sponsored by The Villa Collective, and in 2018 last year 62 swimmers raised over €40,000 for The Smile of a Child!

In 2019 a new charity, the Ionian Environment Foundation, joins and shares in the proceeds with the children’s charity, and the swimmers will be supported by Albania Yachting.

It’s not too late to sign up right now, then fly out and join them this year and next – but be sure to take your Powerbreather with you!

Powerbreather is happy to help more people swim further, swim faster, and swim more easily, by simply being more relaxed in the water, safely breathing fresh air, without taking in any water, not turning the head at all, so reducing the risk of neck and shoulder strain.

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