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POWERBREATHER are present in Kona, Hawaii this week at the 2016 Ironman World Championships. The set up allows for athletes to test the POWERBEATHER in open water as well as getting expert advice on how to include the device in their training and the benefits it provides. AMEO boss Jan von Hofacker is on the […]

The team over at Triathlete Europe have been testing out the POWERBREATHER and have written up their report. They look at it from the point of view of a coach as well as that of an athlete. Both conclude that adding a POWERBREATHER to your training regime is a great idea and they are extremely […]

We sent the guys down at H2Open mag a POWERBREATHER to try. They have been testing it and have now published their findings. Their verdict reads like this: a really useful addition to your kit bag and a massive improvement on single-tube snorkels. I will be using the Powerbreather in training over the summer and […]

Michael Franco at Gizmag has taken the POWERBREATHER for swim in both a pool environment and the open sea. Although not a professional swimmer by any means – the benefits were clear. The ability to focus on technique and form instead of breathing was a huge advantage, especially in the sea. Read the full review […]