Tips and Tricks for First Use

Tips and Tricks for First Use

When inhaling with the Powerbreather for the first time, you may notice some slight air resistance. This is intentional and is due to the membrane inside the AMEO FRESH AIR speed vents fitted to the D-Tubes. The membranes prevent water penetration, and you soon become accustomed to this resistance, which has a positive effect for training, as a stimulus for respiratory muscles while swimming normally.

Please read the user manual first to ensure you assemble and fit it correctly before using the POWERBREATHER under water; see the How-to video and list of FAQs.

Start slowly

Before you start swimming, first ensure it fits comfortably and securely, then stand in the water with your head just under the surface; inhale and exhale a few times to get used to the feel of the POWERBREATHER. Start swimming slowly. Increase your speed as you become more familiar with it. This can take a few lengths of relaxed swimming. Take regular breaks during this important familiarization phase.


Inhale and exhale through the mouth. You can alternate exhaling through the nose.

Flip Turns

Try flip turns only when you are used to swimming with the POWERBREATHER. Read the tips in the user manual and in the FAQs. This is important to ensure dry flip turns – i.e. for the D-Tubes to be free of water after emerging. Also always make sure you:
• inhale sufficient air before the flip turn, and
• exhale only with your face-down – not when on your side.
The end caps (supplied with the Wave and Lap models only) simplify the tumble or flip turn.

N.B. Do not breathe in at all when the tubes are totally under water. When you are submerged, and or when you return to the surface, you can breathe out gently, in a face down position, to expel any droplets of water, falling easily DOWN through the mouthpiece, NOT PUSHED BACK UP the intake tubes – if any water does get inside. Then you can breathe in and out normally as you swim. Other snorkels fill up with water during a dive or flip turn, requiring considerable effort to expel lots of water back UP and out of the tube. Powerbreather is different, provided you do not suck water in by mistake. Get used to it; the Powerbreather is a far superior option to other snorkels.