POWERBREATHER Review by Phlex Swim

Phlex Swim is all about bringing innovative Tech to the Pool. Comprised of University of Florida Student Athletes, an Olympian, and a Swim Coach, they have been creating a fantastic mix of entertaining and technique focused videos – as well as covering some innovative products – like the POWERBREATHER!

In this episode, we are talking snorkels. The industry standard design just isn’t cutting it for us anymore, and the team over at Ameo has made a drastic improvement.

We’ve been testing the Ameo Powerbreather for a few weeks now, and for longer distance training styles, we swear by it. It offers an incredibly comfortable design compared to traditional snorkels, and the snorkel is actually designed for you to breathe in more pure oxygen because of its build. You breathe in through the tubes above your head and release your air at the vent by your mouth.

Another huge positive of the Ameo Powerbreather that we found, is the fact that you have a much better field of view. In comparison to a normal snorkel, you can see the entirety of where you are swimming, instead of having the nozzle obstruct your view.

We would definitely recommend this for distance training use with open water and triathlon swimmers, but there is a slight learning curve on regular flip turns so proceed with caution if you are planning on using this in a short-course yards setting.

Obviously the video’s title is a little misleading – the air intakes of the snorkel need to be above the water in order to let air in. If you are submerged up to 10-20ft though the tubes will not fill with water like a conventional snorkel.

The comments on flip turns requiring a slight learning curve is true – however following the steps in our FAQ will help most people get the hang of it in no time.

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