Tri247 review Powerbreather

Tri247 Review the POWERBREATHER

The team over at Tri247 have had a POWERBREATHER Wave Edition to test out and have just published their review. It seems as though despite initial worries or concerns they very quickly got used to swimming with the Powerbreather and enjoyed it both in the pool and in open water.

Here is their conclusion:

My first thoughts on opening the case was this was going to be a complicated piece of equipment to set up and use, but the reality was very much different. Setting up and adjusting the fit took only few minutes and getting used to breathing through the unit was just a quick.

Using the unit is not only easy but it is fun and I do see how it can help my swimming – not only for improving my swim fitness, but helping to work on my technique.

At around £100 it is not an impulse purchase, but incorporated correctly into your training plan it could be a key piece of kit to get you through the water quicker. And don’t forget Jan Frodeno uses it as well… and he seems to be swimming rather well.

Read the full Tri247 POWERBREATHER Review.

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