Mark Kleanthous using the POWERBREATHER and Swim Tether

Improve Swim Technique using a POWERBREATHER and SWIM TETHER

Focusing on technique, attached to one end of a pool, and not worrying about breathing, thanks to the Powerbreather, is similar to the uninterrupted benefits of long distance open water swimming for increasing stamina, fitness, power and technique. This works in the same way with Endless Pools.

Mark Kleanthous’ 20+ years’ experience of coaching swimmers and triathletes from 18 to 64 years of age have shown him that the main stumbling block for most people is breathing, and he has found that without exception every swimmer who uses a Powerbreather can correct their breathing or technique very quickly. In his view every coach should use a Powerbreather as part of improving their athletes’ technique.

About Mark
Mark has competed in more than 500+ Triathlons including 39 Ironman events and is a full time swimming pool and open water swimming coach. Mark has his own private lake for open water swim coaching.

You can follow Mark via Instagram @Openwaterswimcoaching or Twitter @ironmatemark or via his website

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