One of the most experienced triathletes in the world, Mark Kleanthous has decided to help others enjoy Powerbreather as much as him – and get the same results he does. Mark is a full time performance coach for IRONMATE and his Powerbreather workouts are designed to take your swim session to the next level.

Training Session 4

Use Powerbreather for the entire swimming workout – Focus on quality not distance.
Total #swim distance 1,850m to 2,300m.
75m swim workout

Warm Up

Warm up swimming 300m – 4 x 75m rest 45 seconds after every 75m
Increase effort by 5% for each 75m (65% 70% 75% & 80%)
1 x 75m @ 65% & rest
1 x 75m @ 70% & rest
1 x 75m @ 75% & rest
1 x 75m @ 80% & rest for 45 seconds after each 75m (300m)

Main Set

350m to 1800m set requires you to swim sets of 75m non-stop focusing on thinking about palms of hands and swimming on auto pilot and swimming relaxed, thinking less about palms of your hands. Rest 55 seconds during Main set after every 75m.
25m swim @ 80% focusing on palms of hands (see notes)
Then swim 25m swim normally @ 85% on auto pilot
Then swim 25m swim normally @ 85% rest 55 seconds x 6 (450m)
25m swim front crawl normally @ 80%,
25m swim focusing on palms of hands (see notes)
Then swim 25m normally @ 85% rest 55 seconds x 6 (450m)
Swim 75m briskly 85>88% each length @ same effort rest 55 seconds x 6 to 12 (450m to 900m)

Cool down

200m take 35 seconds after each 25m
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 65>60% (100m)
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 60>55% (100m)

Training Notes and Key Focus for this swim workout

Watch the palms of your hands coming back towards you, make sure you have symmetrical hand movements to make you more balanced in the #water.
Count your strokes per length when using and when not swimming with the Powerbreather. You should take at least 1 stroke less per length when using the Powerbreather.
Swim on auto pilot, swim without 100% concentration on palms of hands, notice if you have improved feeling for the water.

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