This is the third of a series of swim workouts using the POWERBEATHER designed by Mark Kleanthous of IRONMATE. Mark is one of the most experienced Triathletes in world having completed 500+ triathlons and 38 Ironman. He works as a full time performance coach and is the author of The Complete Book of Triathlon Training.

Training Session 3

Using the Powerbreather today you can totally concentrate on breathing correctly…

Warm Up

Warm up normally swimming front crawl without using your Powerbreather
Warm up 200m rest 20 seconds after each length
Swim 2 x single lengths (25m) @ 60>65% (50m)
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 70>75% (100m)
Swim 2 x single lengths (25m) @ 75>80% (50m)
Enjoy 2 minutes bonus rest after the 8th length, during the 2 minute recovery fit on your Powerbreather.

Main Set

(Wear Powerbreather)
Swim 800m to 2000m based on your time availability to train and current swim fitness, swimming at 75 to 80%.
Rest for just 30 seconds thinking about a smooth relaxed swim stroke.
Complete 200m repetitions at all day, long distance swim pace.
Swim easy and keep effort low as you need to concrete more on the timing of your breathing.

Cool Down

Remove Powerbreather & swim easy for 150m cooling down.
Notice how your breathing improved during the cool down compared to the warm up.

Powerbreather Training Notes

Hold breath until hand is below face before breathing out, then breathing in when your active hand is by your hip.

Mistakes to avoid when not using your Powerbreather

Blowing straight out as soon as you place your head in the water results in you not getting the full use of your breathe & will make you less buoyant.
The more buoyant you are you can simply focus on using energy to move you forward rather than keeping close to the surface.
Visualise this when using the Powerbreather before and during each time you rest.

Hydration Notes

After completing 3 x 200m enjoy 90 seconds rest and hydrate before carrying on.

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