Introducing the Beach Edition

Ameo have teamed up with Cressi to combine one of their masks (Perla) with the POWERBREATHER to create the perfect package for swim trekking and exploring underwater life.

Compared to a standard mask and snorkel – the POWERBREATHER offers significant advantages.

  • No pendulum breathing – air is inhaled as normal through the tubes, but exhaled air leaves out of the mouth piece and does not go back up the tubes.
  • No water comes in the top tubes – these have valves meaning you can hold your breath and go underwater, and no water will enter the tubes.
  • No saliva build up – as you exhale, any liquid will flush out of the mouth piece.
  • Secure fit – the Twist Lock system allows you to securely fit the snorkel so it is locked in place.
  • The Powerbreather works with any stroke on facing down, crawl, breaststroke, butterfly.

Find out more about the POWEBREATHER Beach Edition.

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