Mark Kleanthous is one of the most experienced Triathletes in world. He has completed 500+ triathlons and 38 Ironman. He works as a full time performance coach at IRONMATE and is the author of The Complete Book of Triathlon Training. He has put together a series of training workout sessions showing how he uses his POWERBEATHER.

Training Session 1

Using the Powerbreather you can totally concentrate on improving your swimming stroke technique

Warm Up

Warm up normally swimming front crawl without using your Powerbreather
Warm up 300m rest 30 seconds after each length
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 60>65% (100m)
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 70>75% (100m)
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 75>80% (100m)
During the Warm up count the total number of strokes per length during the 4th 8th and 12 length
Enjoy 2 minutes bonus rest after the final 12th length, during the 2 minute recovery put on your Powerbreather

Main Set

Main set swim 900m to 1500m Based on your time availability to train and current swim fitness swimming @ 80>85%
Complete 3 or 4 or 5 sets of 300m – 3 x 300m (900m) to 5 x 300m) (1500m)
6 x 50m rest 45 seconds (300m)
3 x 100m rest 55 seconds (300m)
2 x 150m rest 75 seconds (300m)
Count strokes during final 50m of the 150m then remove Powerbreather and swim final 150m not using the Powerbreather
Compare the number of strokes with and without using a Powerbreather.
After you have completed 2nd 150m enjoy 2 minutes hydrate & replace Powerbreather & start next set or cool down

Key Focus for this swim workout

Watch the palms of your hands coming back towards you make sure you have symmetrical hand movements to make you more balanced in the water
Count your strokes per length when using and when not swimming the Powerbreather. You should take at least 1 stroke less per length when using the Powerbreather.

Cool Dowm

Cool down 200m take 35 seconds after each 25m
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 65>60% (100m)
Swim 4 x single lengths (25m) @ 60>55% (100m)

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